M.Tech(Dairy and Food Engineering)
Assistant Professor
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Research Fields

  • Agricultural Engineering


  • Dairy and Food Engineering
  • Crop Process Engineering
  • Protected Cultivation and Post Harvest Technology
  • Farm power Machinery & Post Harvest Technology
  • Land Surveying Watershed Management & Green House Technology


  • Dairy and Food Engineering
  • Post Harvest Technology


  • Agricultural Engineering


Research Fields

Title:Detection and Mitigation of Toxic Residues in Fish

Description:This is a practical approach to Identification and quantification of harmful Pesticide residues and different heavy metals in the product aiming at reducing the residues to a level, safer for human consumption. It can ensure food safety relating to fish to the consumers.

Title:Ergonomic Evaluation of Manual Winnower

Description:This is a manual approach to measure physiological cost of the agricultural while performing various operations with selected equipments aiming at classifying the work load in performing these operations. It can minimize drudgery of the labour and also increase productivity at reduced expenditure levels.