M.Sc(Physics), MCA, Ph.D
Dean(Research and Development)
School of Applied Sciences
Department: PHYSICS
Phone: 9861260374

About Me

Teaching Experience:

(1)         Lecturer in Physics (Govt. of Orissa) (From 22.2.1975 to  9.7.1990)

(2)         Senior Lecturer in Physics (Govt. of Orissa)(From 10.7.1990- 10.7.1998)

(4)         Reader in Physics (Govt. of Orissa)   (From 10.7.1998 – 30.11.2009)

(5)         Professor in Physics and Dean (R&D) Centurion University from 1.12.2009

(6)         Preparing students for competitive examinations for last 35 years.


Administrative Experience

(1)         Principal in charge of SKCG(Auto) College

(2)         Principal, JITM Junior Science College from 1.12.2009-continuing


Research Experience:

(1)         20 years in the field of Digital Signal Processing and Computer Science.


List of Publications:

1.         “High Throughput VLSI Implementation of Discrete Orthogonal Transforms Using Bit-Level Vector-Matrix Multiplier” – IEEE Trans. on Circuits & Systems –II: Analog and Digital Signal Processing, Vol. 46, No. 5, pp. 655 – 658, May 1999.

2.         “3-Dimensional Systolic Architecture for Parallel VLSI Implementation of the Discrete Cosine Transform” – IEE Proc. – Circuits, Devices, and Systems, Vol. 143, No. 5, pp. 255 – 258, October 1996

3.         “Efficient Systolic Architecture for Implementation of 2-D Discrete Cosine Transform”– IETE Journal of Research, Vol. 47, No. 3 & 4, pp 173 – 178, May – August 2001.

4.         “Bit-Level Systolic Implementation of Discrete Orthogonal Transforms” – Signal Processing (Elsevier) 81(2001) pp. 2437 – 2443.

5.         “Bit-Level Systolic Implementation of 1-D and 2-D Discrete Wavelet Transform”- IEE Proc. – Circuits, Devices, and Systems, Vol. 152, No. 1, pp. 25 – 32, February 2005

6.         “New Perspectives of Soft Computing and Fourier Transform in Industrial Applications” – International Journal of Computer Science and System Analysis, Vol. 2(1), pp.79-86, January-June 2008.

7.         “Systolic Architecture for Implementation of 2-D Discrete Sine Transform” – Elsevier, Procedia Engineering 30(2012), pp. 441-448.

8.         “Bit-level implementation of discrete Fourier transform” –International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering Systems, Vol.5, No.1/2, (Jan./April),2011.

9.         “Perspectives of Bio-informatics and Fourier Transforms in Industrial Applications”, International Journal of Bio-informatics.

10.     “Two’s Complement Fast Serial – Parallel Multipliers based on Zero- MSB- Of – Multiplier Scheme" under review (IETE)


Conference Papers:


1.         “Bit-Level Systolic Implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transform” Accepted by IASTED International Conference SPPRA 2003, Rhodes, Greece.

2.         “3-Dimensional Systolic Architecture for Parallel VLSI Implementation of the Discrete Sine Transform” Accepted by IASTED International Conference, SIIP 2003, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

3.         “VLSI Architectures for 1-D Lifting Discrete Wavelet Transform”, Accepted by IASTED International Conference VIIP 2003, Benamaldena, Spain.

4.         “Systolic Implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transform”, Accepted by Sixth International Conference on Information Technology, CIT -2003, Bhubaneswar, India.

5.         “Efficient Implementation of Discrete Orthogonal Transforms for Real Valued Data using a Serial-Parallel Vector Matrix Multiplier”, IIT Kharagpur, June-2004.

6.         “Efficient Implementation of Montgomery's Modular Multiplication Algorithm” Accepted   byNational Workshop on Cryptology, 2005, Shimoga, Karnataka.

7.         “Hybrid Intelligence and Multi resolution Analysis in Industrial Applications”, NSACT – 2007, Rourkela.

8.         “A Review of Bioinformatics and Multi resolution Analysis in Industrial    Applications ”, MB –07, Jan. 2007, RRL, Bhubaneswar.

9.         “Soft Computing and Wavelet in Industrial Applications”, TECHNOBUZZ – 2007, Maharashtra.

10.     “A Review of Soft Computing and Multi Resolution Analysis in Industrial Applications”, 21NCCE2007, IE (India), Bhubaneswar.

11.     ”Recursive Algorithm and Systolic Architecture for the Discrete Sine Transform”SPRTOS-2011,Kanpur.

12.     ”Realisation of One Dimensional DST/IDST using Cyclic Convolution”, NCVESCOM 2011, Paiyanoor, TamilNadu.

13.     ”A New Algorithm to Compute the Discrete Cosine Transform.”NCCSN-2008,Guna,MP.

14.     ”Algorithm for Computation of Eight-Point One-Dimensional Discrete Sine Transform with Reduced Number of Operations” NCCSN-2008,Guna,MP.

15.     Hardware – Supportor Interconnect Concurrent Transputer Based Multiprocessor Systems ”, 4th International Joint Conference on Information and  Communication Technology, IJcICT – 2012, Bhubaneswar.

16.     “Bit-Level Systolic Architecture for a Matrix-Matrix Multiplier”, ICEEE 2011, Nagpur.

17.     4-Bit Serial–Parallel Multiplier and Bit-Level Systolic Architecture for Implementation of Discrete Orthogonal Transforms ”, 4th International Conference on Recent trends in Computing, Communication and Information Technologies, VIT University, Vellore.


Papers Reviewed:


Title of paper and name of the author(s)                            Date                For whom reviewed


1.“Properties , Applications and VLSI Iterative                    20-6-1998        IEE , London , U.K

Architecture for Unified Complex Hadamard

Transforms” B.J.Falkowski  and Susanto Rahardja ,

Centre for  Signal Processing , School  of  Electrical

and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Techn-

ological University ,Singapore.


2.“A New  Distributed  Arithmetic Algorithm                       10-9-1998        IEE,   London ,  U.K

and its Application to IDCT ” Tian - Sheuan 

Chang, Chingson  Chen and Chen-Wei Jen ,

Dept. of Electronics  Engineering ,  National

Chiao Tung University, Taiwan.


3.“Fast  Implementations  of   Montgomery’s                        20-7-2002        IEE , London , U.K.

Modular  multiplication  algorithm”,

P.V.Ananda Mohan, Core R&D,I.T.I Limit-

ed , Bangalore , India.


4.“Some Efficient VLSI Architectures for 1-D                     05-2-2003       IEE, London, U.K

Lifting Discrete Wavelet Transform”

Pei -Yin Chen , Department  of   Electronic

Engineering , Tainan County, Taiwan .


5.“The Multiresolution  Toolkit : Progressive             16-5-2003        3rd

IASTED International

Access for Regular Gridded Data” John Clyne                                             Conference, VIIP, Scintific  Computing  Division National Center                                                2003  Spain

for  Atmospheric  Research Boulder ,USA


6.“Design of  First  Bit-Parallel  Finite  Field                         20-6-2003        3rd IASTED Multipliers in GF( 2m


Hua Li, Department of Mathematics                                      International Conference,

and.Computer Science, University of Lethbridge                                          VIIP   2003 Spain

Canada   andChang N Zhang , Department of

Computer Science, University  of  Regina , Canada

7.“A New Distributed Arithmetic Realization                       2-11-2003        IEE, London, U.K

of Cyclic  Convolution  and     Its    DFT

Application”.H.C. Chen   and    C.W. Jen

Department of Electronics    Engineering

and Institute of Electronics,  National Chiao

Tung University ,  Taiwan    and    J.I.Guo

Department of Computer Science and

Information Engineering, National Chung

Cheng University , Chia , Taiwan


8.“Wavelet  Analysis  Method   for   Fault                             13-11-2003      IEE, London, U.K

Diagnosis of Analog Circuits”. Yigang 

Hc, Yanghong Tan, College of Electrical

& Information Engineering, Hunan

University, Changsa, P.R China and 

Yichuang Sun, Department of Electronic,

Communication and Electrical Engineering,

University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom


9. “A Pipeline, Memory Efficient and                                    20-06 –2004    IEE, London, UK

Programmable Architecture for the

2-D Discrete Wavelet Transformation

using Lifting Scheme”, Sara Bolouki

and Omid Fatami, Department of

Electronic and Computer Engineering,

University of Teheran, Iran.



1.      Biography has been published in “Who’s Who in the World” published by MARQUIS Who’s Who USA.

2.      Biography has also has been published in “Outstanding People of the 20th Century” by The International Biographical Center of Cambridge, England.


No. of PhDs awarded under my guidance: 3

Name of the Thesis:

(i)                 “Efficient Algorithms and VLSI Implementation of Discrete Fourier Transform” (Ph.D in Computer Science)

(ii)               “Novel Algorithms and Architectures for Efficient VLSI Implementation of the Discrete Sine Transform” (Ph.D in Physics)

(iii)             “Novel Algorithms and Unified Architectures for VLSI Implementation of Discrete Cosine and Sine Transforms.”(Ph.D in Physics)


No. of PhD scholars under my guidance: 6


Evaluation of PhD Thesis                                         3


Minor Research Work of UGC:                              1


Number of UGC Sponsored Refresher Course Programme participated:         2


Number of M.Tech.Projects guided:                       6


A Permanent Reviewer of IEEE

Research Fields


  • Physics



Research Fields

20 years in the field of Digital Signal Processing and Computer Science.