B.TECH (MECH), MBA (MKT AND HR), Phd Continue.
Assitant Professor
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About Me

Research Fields

  • In Renewable Energy Field


  • Organisional Behaviour
  • Marketing Management and at CUCREE


  • In Renewable Energy Field


Research Fields

Worked as Project Coordinator for Minimum Energy Access and Productive Use of Energy supported by ADEME, French Government, where the main motive was for initiating a virtuous cycle that enhances access to and affordability of clean energy for the bottom of the economic pyramid (BOP) clients in a sustainable manner by linking with social financing and income generation activities. 2181 units of Solar Light has been sold to BOP Clients in Jeypore Region through Harsh Trust (NGO). In pursue of Research Activities related to develop a Low-cost Solar Home lightning System.

�         Developed �Solar Dryer� for underdeveloped BOP clients, the project is sponsored by Voluntary Integration for Education and Welfare of Society (VIEWS), a development organisation working for the livelihood security of fisherwomen of South Odisha. The 20 kg/day fish dryer has been manufactured with Aluminium sheet and SS304 grade stainless steel trays. (Applied for Patent). A newspaper article on our Solar Dryer was published in Telegraph.

�         Designed and developed �Compact Solar Powered Water Pumping System� for BOP clients. It was successfully commissioned and it has been commercialized by SDTT and NABARD.

Achievement: Received Permanent Patent Number 561/KOL/2015A, with International Classification Number F04B17/00 for an invention of “Compact Solar Powered Water Pumping System”. It has been published in the Patent Office Journal dated 5th June 2015.

1.      Received Permanent Patent Number 1181/KOL/2015 A, with International Classification Number F24J2/00 for an invention of Solar Dryer. It has been published in the Patent Office Journal dated 4th December 2015.

2.      A certified Trainer in “Skill Council for Green Jobs”, Trainer Certificate no: SGJ/Q0101/FT-48, SGJ/Q0102/FT-48 and SGJ/Q0103/FT-48