M.Sc, M.TECH, (PhD)
Assistant Professor
Phone: 9040627674

About Me

To embark on a career that will educate me through profession and will inspire me in improving the quality of life. To achieve my goals through   smart work, determination, constant self analysis and possessing competent technical skills.

I have completed my Masters Degree in Electronics & Tele-Communication Engineering from VSS University of Technology, Burla.I worked as a Guest faculty for PG (Electronics Science) in Sambalpur University for 1 year and joined at CUTM in 2011.

Research Fields

  • VLSI Design
  • Crptography
  • Semiconductor Device


  • VLSI System & Architecture
  • Instrumentation (SUIIT
  • Sambalpur University)
  • 2010-2011
  • Guest Faculty
  • AEC
  • SED (2011
  • CUTM)
  • Satellite Communication (2012 BPUT)
  • Mobile Communication ( CUTM 2012)
  • Digital Switching and Telecom Networks (CUTM 2011)
  • Embedded Systems (2013 CUTM)


  • VLSI Design
  • SED
  • Cryptography


  • VLSI Design
  • Crptography
  • Semiconductor Device


Research Fields

Implementation of Cryptographic algorithms, Speed and performance enhancement of different c.algorithms, security of sensor Networks, Secure communication of data networks.