Prabhat Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor

PhD (Ag) in Genetics (Thesis submitted)

[email protected]


I did my PG and PhD research work on mutation breeding. During the Post Graduate programme I had developed 3 morphological mutants namely Leaf variegated, Branched and Tall mutant in a double flowered tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.)  variety Calcutta double through gamma irradiation, which is going to be reported as new variety of tuberose very soon. While during Doctoral degree programme I have selected several morphological mutants in Grasspea (Lathyrus ativus L.) through the application of gamma irradiation and EMS mutagens. The mutants isolated were flower color mutants from variety BioL-212, Berhampur Local and Nirmal, seed color, bold seeded and a broad leaf mutant from variety Nirmal and BioL-212,  furthermore, some mutant line with low ODAP content were also isolated from above mentioned varieties of Grasspea, which are evaluated in subsequent generation to examine the fidelity of mutants.