Prof. Jagannath Padhi, M.Tech


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Did B.Tech in 1973 from University College of Engineering and joine state government.
Worked for 36 years in power sector , mainly in Generation of Hydro Power , the key area of state's power generation, apart from the areas of Transmission and Distribution.The strongest areas have been identifying roots of problems and in-situ rectification, through a dedicated team.

Did M.Tech in Hydropower from University of Roorkee, now IIT Roorkee.

Retired as the Director ( Operations ) of Odisha  Hydro Power Corporation.

For the past six years I have been a humble teacher correlating the intricacies of the theories of Elect Engg with that of the real time operations.Partcularly concentrating on Lab based teaching and doing live projects

Sharing,with students and  members of faculty , whatever I learned in past three and a half decades.