Harish Chandra Mohanta, M.Tech ( IIT Kharagpur)

Asst. Professor

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I have completed M.Tech degree in IIT, Kharagpur in this year.I am working as an Asst. Professor in ECE Department, CIT, CUTM. In C.I.T, I have been the departmental time-table coordinator, ECE department 4th and 8th semester class and laboratory-in-charge, project guide of group-6,foster parents of ECE (4th year) students, Superintendent of Hostel No.-1 & 5 and laughter club in-charge of CSR program.  I have always followed these specific responsibilities in connection with my teaching:-

 (i)To remain updated in my subjects and courses. I have already taught these following subjects.

a) Microwave Engineering b) Electromagnetic theory c) Antenna wave propagation d) Digital Image Processing e)Digital Communication Technique f) Microprocessor and Microcontroller g) Microprocessors h) Analogue Communication Technique i)Signal & System j)Digital Electronic Circuit k)Analog Electronic Circuit l) Basic Electronics m) LSD class for training and placement.

(ii)To instruct assigned courses as scheduled or otherwise approved on the assigned subject at the assigned level and with the degree of rigor/standards appropriate to that level.

(iii) To select the materials and approach in assigned courses, make the assignments and evaluate student academic performance.

(iv)To set out appropriate expectations of the students at the beginning of the course.

 (v)To make arrangements to cover or reschedule any class missed.

 (vi)To foster free discussion, enquiry and expression in the class room while maintaining the courses academic standards and objectives.

 (vii)To take appropriate steps to ensure that required books and other course materials are accessible when needed.

(viii)To hold office hours or the equivalent consistent with campus policy and to be available to students outside the class room on a regular and reasonable basis throughout the academic year, including registration, reading and exam periods.

(ix)To complete in a professional, timely and responsible manner all other teaching and academic assignments which I have accepted as or been assigned, including for example submitting grades,mentoring,administering comprehensive or qualifying exams, writing letters of recommendation and conducting tutorials/remedial classes.

(x) Prepared E-content for three subjects(ACT,DIP,Radar & TV).I used PPTs,Video lectures class and  some animation for proper 3D visualization in my class.

(xi)As the part of CIT,I am solving all the issues related to student canteen.

 Faculty members are expected to meet their applicable responsibilities throughout the academic year; however, absences may be necessary. But I have always given lesser priority to leaves. Apart from office hours or assigned responsibilities I have always given full time to students by residing in hostel, Starting from mentoring students to supervising them in various cultural activities I have always been supportive to them. I always believe that wholesome growth of a student should be there. She/he should be all-rounder. So,I always guided them to compete globally. The University growth depends on students result or students placement. So, I look-after for the best results of the students. The students remain in the college for 6-7 hours and they remain in hostel for maximum time, so I always keep myself busy with the students inside the hostel. I always believe in the fact that a teacher can be the best friend, best philosopher and the best guide. I have applied the Six Universal influence principles to influence the students for achieving their goal(mainly for placement) and explained the objective and also outcome of their B.Tech Programme.I made them understand the importance of assessment and evaluation process and also have tried to create a learning environment among the students inside the class as well as outside the class(like in Hostel,in project class,in lunch period,in certification course period,library period etc.). I made the whole class into some small small groups consisting of four members in each so that they can discuss, analyze the problems (assignments given) among themselves.


Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they maximize their potential, develop their stills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.

                 A mentor is a guide who can help the mentee to find the right direction and who can help them to develop solutions to career issues. A mentor should help a mentee to believe in herself/himself and boost her/his confidence. I have always tried to ask question and challenge, while providing guidance encouragement. I always try to keep the amount of paper work done. Me and my mentees together work with individuals.

Engagement of students inside & outside classroom:-

              Student engagement is the psychological investment a student makes in learning .This includes the degree to which a student actively participates in academic and curricular activities on the campus pursuing contact with faculty outside the classroom, involvement in unique activities, service learning and participation in co-curricular learning.

             According to my point of view, strategic planning for curriculum and campus activities that engage students required broad collaboration across campus division .Creating a campus that engages students in all aspects of college life requires careful planning ,use of best practices and collaboration between academic and student service professionals.

           You can't sit down and do a research project all at once in an afternoon. I think once students start to engage the process they realize, "I am going to do this a bit at a time and it is a developmental progression. It becomes really a meaningful and enjoyable learning experience". We are all about experiential education . There is plenty of research to show that it is one of the most effective strategic for students learning.




 Being professional might mean dressing smartly at work or doing a good job or having advanced degrees or other certifications framed and hung on the office wall. It covers much more.

 Professionalism involved honesty, integrity, humbleness. Professionals hold themselves accountable for their thought, word and actions especially when they make mistakes. 

Professionalism is judged based on the standards of an organization and to an extent is situational in nature.

Moreover professionalism does not just happen, tremendous effort from the individual is required on a daily basis to develop and sustain it.

I believe that no one can teach you how to act but schools do give you an environment to make mistakes, to learn techniques and to learn professionalism.

Giving real world or problem solving projects:-

                  Education who enter the competition work with their students to identify significant problems or challenge in their lives for which they can design a solution. Like most other project based learning ,the idea is that the process for designing an effective solution will get students to use skills from a range of subjects ,to compute project budgets and specification .

I help students to make sure the challenges they take on are as realistic as possible. They get excited about it and they want to accomplish more than realistic.

I am guiding the B.Tech students for the Microwave Engineering subject outcome as a project on Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna using HFSS software. My research interests include Microwave Field applications, Ultra Wide band antenna, Meta materials study and Embedded system applications.

Inspire students in different ways:-

As human we are most motivated to learn when the task before us is matched to our level of skill : not so easy, not so boring and not so hard as to be frustrating.

I am incharge of two skill courses of ECE department that are Optical Fiber Technician and Tower technician.Now I am teaching Optical Fiber Technician skill course in which already 60 students enrolled for the coming semester as a free elective subject. I have also conducted a SDP and FDP on
"Embedded System" through ICT mode with NITTTR, Chandigarh which enhanced the technical knowledge on the specific project area.

I have taught "Microwave Engineering"subject of two sections of ECE 7th semester students after the NEW AGE TEACHERS training program, applying all New Age Teachers Techniques as we discussed at JITM campus, Paralakhemundi and semester result is 98% i.e.one student from each section has backlog in Microwave Engineering subject. I always advise the students to study in library so that they can get a chance to read more than one Text Books for their academic growth.