Assistant Professor
School of Engineering and Technology
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Phone: 9778910001

About Me

Building upon the department's tradition of excellence requires continual development of active partnerships among the faculty, the students, and our constituents. In keeping with this tradition, I am interested in taking part in the education and research activities. Be inspiring , patient and must not preach. 

I have about 4 years of diversified experience in Teaching in UG  levels of Engineering and 1 year of Industrial Work Experience. I am being actively engaged in teaching since 2005. That during my tenure, I ably handled major responsibilities that include teaching, examination and overall development works by all necessary means. 

Research Fields

  • Metal working and Machining


  • Manufacturing Science
  • Advanced Machining Process
  • Metal Cutting and Tool Design
  • Material Science and Engineering
  • Theory of Machine
  • Fluid mechanics


  • Manufacturing Science


  • Metal working and Machining


Research Fields