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Disease Mapping and Health Care System for Tribal Regions of Gajapathi and Raygada District in the State of Odisha

Recent advances in geographical information and new mapping technologies have created new opportunities for public health administrators to enhance planning, monitoring, analysis and management of health system. In epidemiology GIS aids in visualizing and analyzing geographic distribution of disease with respect to time and space that is more difficult and impossible to perform in other way. GIS and Global Positioning System have created new opportunities for public health administrators to enhance planning, analysis and monitoring of vector born disease elimination.

Most of the regions in India have still poor health protecting infrastructure facilities and as a result of which majority of the rural population is suffering from many diseases that could have been controlled with proper understanding of the disease causative process and the preventive measures. In order to provide with better health care facilities in the PHCs, a data base of the disease causing agents and the remedial measures in the form of GIS maps will help in regularly monitoring the health level of rural public. In the present proposal, such an attempted will be made to map most prevalent diseases in rural and tribal regions spread over two districts in south Odisha state and further attempt to develop a health care information system for the tribal regions considered. The districts selected are: Gajapathi and Rayagada districts of South Odisha. These two districts have predominant rural and tribal population. From a preliminary study it has been observed that the general health conditions of these rural and tribal public are deteriorating due to the prevalence of certain diseases, which could have been prevented with a little understanding of the disease causing process and the preventive steps. It has also been observed that there is no proper data base pertaining to these diseases in these regions