Msc(Physics), MTech(LASER and EOE), PhD(Cont...)
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Mr Aurobinda Acharya, now is an Assistant Professor in the department of Computer SCience, School of Engineering and Technology Jatni Campus, Centurion University of Technology and Maangement Odisha, India. He got his B Sc in Physics, M Sc in Physics with Electronics Specialization, MTech in LASER and Electro-Optical Engg, from Anna University, Chennai and continuing  Ph.D. in LASER from Centurion University, Odisha, India. His research area includes Nanomaterials and Nano composites and the other research areas of interest are Data Analytics i.e predictive analytics with Python, R and Machine learning. He has 7 years of industry experience(TCS- 6.5 years, STL- .5 years) And has published 12 international journal papers, 5 conference papers and Reviewer of Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, ELSEVIER. 

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Research Fields